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Update on the plan to move this blog.

We have come to realize that there is quite a bit here that really is not prophecy strictly speaking.  So there are now 4 blogs we are dividing everything into

The Prophecy is going to

Israel & The Church in the Last Days

Those of you who have been reading this blog from the beginning will remember that there used to be a cartoon running down the left side of the page.  Is was made using widgets and very hard to make look good.  OK it looked tacky.  But now WordPress has a template for comic panels.  So the rapture sheep are back on their own blog.

The Sheep are Muttonheads

Then there is a lot of things that are only of interest to the Messianic/HebrewRoots community.  This is all moving to

From the Congregation of Biet Sepher

And all the stuff that is about walking in faith, being the bride of Christ etc is going to

The Song of Songs

The Great Move has begun.  This blog will slowly be deleted.


The Great MOVE has begun!


This Blog is Moving

We are creating a new one and moving all the posts there.  It will be neater and cleaner with a fresh minty background.


Israel & The Church in the Last Days



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